Voxtel Wins DoE R&D Award for Novel Photovoltaics

January 02 2008

December 3, 2007 - Beaverton, OR - Voxtel, Inc., in conjunction with Oregon Nanotechnology and Materials Institute (ONAMI), announces today that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) under its Solar Energy Technologies Program, has awarded Voxtel a $0.8 million program to advance a fundamentally new class of composite nanocrystal (quantum dot) photovoltaic (PV) solar cells using environmentally-friendly materials.

Voxtel’s composite nanocrystal-polymer materials, promise dramatic improvements in cost and efficiency of manufacture as well as performance of current photovoltaic devices.

George Williams, Voxtel’s Chief Executive Officer, elaborates: “Voxtel, working with ONAMI partners, is establishing itself as a market leader by manifesting the tools and infrastructure necessary for high-volume, cost-effective, manufacture of environmentally-friendly quantum-dots and large scale manufacture of green, nanocrystal-enabled polymer photovoltaic materials.

“The major drawback of PV solar cells to date is cost. Solar radiation is a plentiful and clean source of power, but due to the high cost of electrical conversion using conventional solar cells, it has not been exploited to its full potential. More than a million homes, mainly in remote areas in developing countries, now benefit from solar cell electricity. Our improved technology would not only greatly benefit the 1.5-2 billion worldwide whose homes are not connected to an electrical grid, providing an efficient, affordable source of electricity, but would also revolutionize other markets and applications in the energy, communications, military, and space industries.”

Voxtel is optimistic about the future of Greentech in Oregon, as it is now amoung the ranks of an increasing number of Oregon-based solar cell technology companies.

Voxtel, Inc., of Beaverton, OR, is a provider of optoelectronic devices using novel semiconductor architectures and nanotechnology-engineered materials, and a leading developer of sophisticated detectors and electro-optical imaging systems for a wide range of government, industrial, and scientific markets. Their product technologies include near-infrared laser radar (LADAR) receivers, radiation hardened imagers for space applications, highly sensitive avalanche photodiodes for fiber and freespace telecommunications, and nanotechnology-engineered materials. For more information, visit Voxtel’s website at www.voxtel-inc.com.

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