The iPOD of Science unveiled

June 24 2007

San Francisco, CA FEI Company (Hillsboro, OR) introduced the Phenom(TM) Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscope in San Francisco. Described by KGO reporter Richard Hart as the “iPOD of Science”, the Phenom makes accessible 20,000x viewing of samples such as sea anemone stingers, the internal workings of airbag accelerometers and more than most people want to know about what is stuck to the bristles of their toothbrush.

ONAMI Board Chair David Chen joined FEI Company CEO Don Kania at the event, which was covered by San Francisco ABC affiliate KGO Channel 7:

See the TV story here

With funding from the US Department of Energy, ONAMI is collaborating with FEI on the development of the Phenom for use in education and research settings.

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