SNNI Green Nanosynthesis Review Paper Among 20 Most Cited in 2007

June 13 2008

“Toward Greener Nanosynthesis”, by UO/ONAMI authors Jennifer Dahl, Bettye Maddux and Jim Hutchison and published in Chemical Reviews, is being featured on the ACS Publications website as one of the Most-Cited Articles published in 2007 and cited through the period ending March 31, 2008. Most-Cited Articles listed are based on data from Thomson Reuters.

The article begins:

“During the past decade, scientists have developed techniques for synthesizing and characterizing many new materials with at least one dimension on the nanoscale, including nanoparticles, nanolayers, and nanotubes.1 Still, the design and synthesis (or fabrication) of nanoscale materials with controlled properties is a significant and ongoing challenge within nanoscience and nanotechnology.

“Nanoscience is still largely in the ‘discovery phase’ wherein new materials are being synthesized (using any means available) on small scales (hundreds of milligrams or less) for testing specific physical properties. Typically, during this phase of development of a new technology area, researchers focus mainly on identifying new properties and applications. As a result, the examination of any unintended properties of the material (e.g., environmental or health hazards) or concerns about hazards or efficiencies of the production process is often deferred. Given the anticipated wide application and distribution of these materials in commerce, consideration of the materials design, processes, and applications that minimize hazard and waste will be essential as nanoscience discoveries transition to commercialized products of nanotechnology.” The article can be found on the ACS website at:

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