Senator Gordon Smith Seeks to Advance Commercial Use of Nanotechnology

October 25 2005

The following press release from the office of Senator Gordon Smith announces the introduction of legislation that will strongly incent and assist the translation of nanotechnology research into commercial products and companies that will create high wage jobs and help preserve US leadership in innovation.

At the request of Senator Smith’s office, ONAMI, the NanoBusiness Alliance, and representatives of leading nanotechnology companies in Oregon were honored to provide information and suggestions toward the drafting of this important legislation.

ONAMI Executive Director Skip Rung says, “Oregon is utterly unique - and exceedingly fortunate - that both of its U.S. Senators have expended significant effort and taken leadership action on a matter of crucial importance to the continued economic prosperity of the United States.

By co-authoring and shepherding through passage the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act (S.189, signed into law in December 2003), Senator Ron Wyden secured the position of nanotechnology as the largest single federal R&D priority since the Apollo Program. By introducing The Nanoscience to Commercialization Institutes Act of 2005 (S.1908), Senator Gordon Smith is underscoring the crucial importance of specific attention to commercialization issues, especially deep collaborative partnerships with both existing industry and startup companies.”

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