PSU Nanowire LED Paper is Among Most Accessed

August 28 2008

PSU researchers from the laboratory of ONAMI member and Physics Professor Rolf Konnenkamp have published groundbreaking research related to the use of ZnO nanowires embedded in a polymeric matrix to produce flexible inorganic light emitting diodes.

Their paper “Flexible Inorganic Nanowire Light-Emitting Diode” was the #3 most accessed article from Nano Letters for the period January-March 2008. The list of top articles may be found at:


We report a highly flexible light-emitting device in which inorganic nanowires are the optically active components. The single-crystalline ZnO nanowires are grown at 80 C on flexible polymer-based indium-tin-oxide-coated substrates and subsequently encapsulated in a minimal-thickness, void-filling polystyrene film. A reflective top contact serving as the anode in the diode structure is provided by a strongly doped p-type polymer and an evaporated Au film. The emission through the polymer side of this arrangement covers most of the visual region. Electrical and optical properties as well as performance limitations of the device structure are discussed.

The full text of the paper may be downloaded from

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