PSU Grad Student Wins Microscopy Society Presidential Award

August 03 2009

Micah Eastman earned this year’s MSA Presidential Student Award for his paper entitled, “Electron Microscopy Characterization of ZnO:Mn Nanowires.” It was published in the Microscopy & Microanalysis 2009 proceedings (along with four papers from fellow research group members from Prof. Jun Jiao’s group at Portland State University).

Micah Eastman is a Ph.D student working in Prof. Jun Jiao’s group in the Physics Department, Portland State University. His research focuses on dopant mechanisms and effects in ZnO nanowires as well as hybrid materials for solar cell and bio-device applications. Micah received a B.S. in Physics from Oregon State University and joined Professor Jiao’s group in the Fall of 2006. Over the past three years, he has participated in an NSF funded International Research in Education and Engineering program at the University of Cambridge, UK and a German student exchange program with the Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany.

Through these programs and use of the Center for Electron Microscopy and Nanofabrication (an ONAMI signature facility at PSU), he has developed into a skilled electron microscopist. He has been able to share his expertise with others by providing training through PSU’s REU program and through a teaching assistantship for the department’s electron microscopy courses (for which he won an Outstanding Teaching Assistant of the Year award in 2008). Micah has also been involved in local student groups as he is the current president of PSU’s Physics Club & Society of Physics Students local chapter.

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