ONAMI members receive $600K in EPA STAR Grants

June 29 2007

Oregon State University researchers Robert Tanguay, Stacey Harper and Alan Bakalinsky receive two out of twelve 2006 EPA Nanotechnology Research Grants.

Robert Tanguay and Stacey Harper were awarded $400K for A Rapid In Vivo System for Determining Toxicity of Manufactured Nanomaterials based on the OSU embryonic zebrafish experimental model, which yields a rich array of biological effects information

OSU Press Release

Alan Bakalinsky of Oregon State University, together with Qilin Lu of Rice University, was awarded $200,000 for Genomics-based Determination of Nanoparticle Toxicity: Structure-function Analysis using yeast as an experimental model, due to its well-mapped genome, rapid reproduction and easy manipulation.

OSU Press Release

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