ONAMI Appoints Two New Co-directors

March 07 2005

The Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI) has named Dennis Stiles, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s program manager for the Microproducts Breakthrough Institute in Corvallis, Ore., and John Carruthers, Portland State University distinguished professor of Physics, as co-directors and members of the ONAMI Leadership Team. Stiles and Carruthers join co-directors David C. Johnson, professor of Chemistry at the University of Oregon, and Kevin Drost, professor of mechanical engineering at Oregon State University. Along with the other members of the leadership team, Carruthers and Stiles will be responsible for guiding ONAMI’s collaborative research programs.

“Dennis Stiles and John Carruthers bring their own unique talents to ONAMI,” said Skip Rung, ONAMI Executive Director. “They both have extensive industry and research institution experience, and we are very pleased to have them as key leaders in ONAMI.“Carruthers was formerly director of components research at Intel and an expert in semiconductors, while Stiles worked extensively with industry partners such as ADM and Cargill while he headed the PNNL Biobased Products Initiative.

Carruthers will head ONAMI’s newly established initiative in Nanoscale Metrology, taking advantage of a downtown Portland, Ore., location for the region’s most advanced Transmission Electron Microscope and associated nanotube and nanowire fabrication facilities. Carruthers came to Portland State University in 2004 from Oregon Health & Science University’s OGI School of Science & Engineering, where he led the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Stiles, who will be the first of up to 20 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory staff at the Corvallis headquarters of the Microproducts Breakthrough Institute, an ONAMI institute that develops and commercializes micro-chemical and -physical systems, will be responsible for new business development. He also will become the group leader for PNNL staff in Corvallis as the institute grows.

The Microproducts Breakthrough Institute has steadily grown since PNNL and OSU established it in 2002. In 2004, nearly $20 million worth of collaborative research and development projects were awarded to the institute, quadrupling the business volume for the previous year.

ONAMI is focused on research and commercialization of nanoscience and microtechnologies to foster the creation of new products, companies and jobs in the Pacific Northwest. It unites the University of Oregon (Eugene), Oregon State University (Corvallis), and Portland State University with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Richland, Wash.), the state of Oregon and private industry.

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