ONAMI Seeks High Tech Extension Director

2013-2015 Position Description

Position Objectives
Grow sales of ONAMI-affiliated shared user facility external service and project sales,
company tenancies, and Oregon industry R&D partnerships with ONAMI member
researchers and related campus institutes.

Assist, as an integral team member, statewide efforts to support and recruit high-tech,
high-wage employers by means of successful interactions with research universities.

Metrics/Success Criteria
Primary responsibility: Assist ONAMI in meeting or exceeding State of Oregon
Performance Metrics for HTE

  • Number of external facility users, both cumulative and zero-based biennium-to-date
  • * Number of First-Time User grants (using available budget)
    * Number of Young Company grants (using available budget

  • Facility service/project revenue, and growth thereof from external clients
  • Facility tenant lease revenue

Secondary responsibility/contribution

  • Number of new Oregon company sponsored research contracts
  • * Includes industry cost-share on funded joint proposals

  • Metrics for recruiting/retention efforts with Business Oregon (OBDD) are TDB

Contractor should be based in Portland Metro or Willamette Valley. Most time will be
spent visiting customers (travel expenses paid or reimbursed by ONAMI) and ONAMIaffiliated
facilities or office sites. Occasional out-of-state or international travel may be
required depending on nature of recruiting and retention objectives worked out with
Business Oregon.

Reporting and Compensation
HTE Director will be an independent contractor. Evaluation of performance and
deliverables will be done by ONAMI President and Executive Director Skip Rung.
Initial compensation will be competitive and commensurate with experience. Contract
terms to include hourly rate and expense reimbursement with a monthly maximum cap to
be negotiated. An incentive program may be implemented after the first year. ONAMI
Conflict of Interest policy and non-disclosure agreements with ONAMI and start-up
companies will be required. Total HTE budget (including contract labor, travel,
expenses) approximately $100K/year. Contracted level of effort expected to require
approximately 80-90 hours per month.

Starting Date
Early 2013, as soon as possible.

Strategy/Major Areas of Responsibility and Key Linkages
A primary key to success in this position will be thoroughly understanding and skillfully
representing the needs of (and opportunities with) academia, industry, national
laboratories and government agencies to one another then finding/creating/negotiating
solutions that work for all involved parties.

Another key will be strong, proactive, and honest partnerships with the campus-based
Facilities and programs, with both parties (ONAMI, campus) contributing
complementary and essential ingredients for success that are understood and committed
to before any customer commitment is made.

Assist with definition and execution of Facility promotional and capability investment
programs designed to address weaknesses (as perceived by customers) and exploit new

Maintain and improve ONAMI website Facilities/capabilities pages and related
marketing materials.

High-Tech Extension Customers

  • Oregon employers (of all sizes) developing or using micro- and nano-scale technologies
  • Out-of-state facility users (industry, national lab, academic, federal agency)
  • Oregon Business Development Department recruiting and retention personnel, e.g. Team Oregon (semiconductor, electronics, energy, cleantech, biotech, medical device, chemical products industries)
  • Industry partners for sponsored research agreements or contributions (coordinate with campus foundations)

High-Tech Extension Academic/ONAMI Constituents

These constituent programs will be responsible for their own staffing, facility/equipment
operation and maintenance, customer service/satisfaction/invoicing/collection, website
and MARCOM materials (with ONAMI High Tech Extension assistance/advice

Product Lines

  • ONAMI-affiliated facility service and/or access: microscopy/measurement/analysis, device or material fabrication, project design/execution, leased collaborator office and/or lab space
  • Sponsored or collaborative research capability and expertise (e.g. broker partnerships with interested/motivated faculty)
  • Information/assistance/connections for companies evaluating an Oregon presence

Required and Desired Qualifications
2+ years technical business-to-business sales or technical economic development sales
(i.e. key point of contact with high tech companies) experience required. Technology
industry marketing and/or product development experience are highly desirable.

Must have up-to-date familiarity with, ability to discuss at least at a “business magazine
or trade journal level” and ability to perform company and market research re: technical
and business topics relevant to ONAMI’s high priority industry sectors: semiconductors,
display and photovoltaic manufacturing; MECS/microfluidics/MEMS; nanotechnology;
analytical and microscopy equipment; semiconductor-related materials equipment;
renewable fuels; optics; biochemistry and biotechnology; specialty chemicals; and
general materials and chemical manufacturing.

Outstanding interpersonal, written communication and organizational skills a must, with
a demonstrated track record of customer responsiveness and attention to detail.
Must have an understanding of “how higher education institutions work,” i.e.,
mission/values, faculty/staff culture, and funding arrangements. Some experience
working in or with universities highly desirable.

4-year (or higher) degree in science or engineering highly desirable

Selection Process
Informal/networking approach (referrals to Skip Rung and Cindy Dahl), then finalist
interviews arranged by Skip Rung, who will make the final selection decision.

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