ONAMI Researchers

The most critical science technology resource, whether in industry or academia, is human talent. The ONAMI community brings together leading scientists from the public and private sectors to tackle critical subjects in nano and microtechnology. More than 250 faculty and researchers from OHSU, OSU, PNNL, PSU, and UO, and and others, make up the ONAMI researcher network.

These researchers are available for consultations or larger collaborations that could include technology development or licensing of technology from the university.

ONAMI researchers are focused on four research thrusts:

To learn about the details of these programs go to Thrusts of Research.

Who is an ONAMI Researcher?

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Featured Researcher


Keszler, Doug

Oregon State University

Nanolaminates and Transparent Electronics, Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing, Leadership Member

Spotlight Gap Company

“We’re excited to tap into the local expertise available through ONAMI and its ecosystem of resources to design and build a unique solution.” Nathan Lillegard, CEO, Floragenex
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