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Kurt Langworthy

Director, Nanofabrication & Imaging Facility, CAMCOR, University of Oregon


Center for Advanced Materials Characterization Oregon (CAMCOR)

Research Interests

Kurt Langworthy is the Nanofabrication and Imaging facility director at CAMCOR (Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon), housed in the Lokey Labs at the University of Oregon. Kurt has been with CAMCOR for nine years, managing instrumentation and projects for commercial, and academic customers, associated with scanning electron microscopy (SEM), electron beam lithography (EBL), dual beam focused ion beam microscopy (DB-FIB) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM).

Kurt has a Masters in chemistry from the University of Oregon and has published a variety of papers generally focusing on technique development, characterization of devices and characterization of geological material and processes.

Kurt has developed, and teaches a graduate level course each Fall in electron optics at the University of Oregon. The course focuses on training students on electron and ion beam instrumentation techniques for real world applications in the industrial sector. The course recently adapted an online component by utilizing CAMCOR’s “NanoNet”, and successfully broadened the class by enrolling students from outside the state. The course has been closely associated with the Materials Science Institute internship program, providing an avenue for student interns at companies with a way to receive training and stay linked to ONAMI facilities.

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