ONAMI | Kenneth Stedman


Ken Stedman

Associate Professor of Biology, Portland State University


NanoBiotechnology/NanoMedicine, Nanolaminates and Transparent Electronics, Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing

Research Interests

Dr. Stedman’s research focuses on viruses of extremophilic microorganisms. Viruses are “Nature’s nanoparticles” with unique and extremely regular shapes that range from 10s to 100s of nanometers.  These structures are modifiable at the atomic level using tools of modern molecular biology. Viruses of extremophiles are of particular interest due to their stability and unique shapes, even among viruses. 

Current ONAMI-related research foci include:

  • Virus silicification; e.g. Laidler and Stedman, 2010, Virus silicification under simulated hot spring conditions, Astrobiology 10(6):569-76.PMID: 20735248
  • The structure of a unique spindle-shaped virus; e.g. Morais and Stedman, Extreme virus morphology: the structure of SSV1, in preparation for Journal of Virology.
  • Modification of the spindle-shaped virus SSV1 with genetic tools; e.g. Clore and Stedman, 2007, The SSV1 viral integrase is not essential, Virology 361(1): 103-111. PMID: 17175004.

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