Thrusts of Research

Drawing on the region’s world-class research, talent and technology assets, ONAMI researchers are leading the nation in discovery and application for four areas of small-tech research. Each of these research thrusts represents the collaboration of local, national and international industry, academic and government agency partners seeking to bring groundbreaking research to commercial reality.

ONAMI’s four thrust areas are

ONAMI’s Proposal Matching Grant Program

The Proposal Matching Program assists ONAMI member researchers and research teams to collaborate with industry partners and to win competitive federal and private awards - with emphasis on multi-year collaborative centers, growth in shared user facility capabilities, and product development/commercialization. ONAMI Matching Grant Program FY14-15 (PDF, 270K) provides program details, including:

  • Rationale
  • Purpose and Use of Matching Funds
  • Types of Projects Eligible for Matching Grants
  • Process for Submission, Review, Approval and Administration of Matching Grants

The Process for Submission of Matching Fund Requests (Word, 45K) is available as a Word document for ease of use as an application template.

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