Microtech Based Energy & Chemical Systems

Microtechnology-Based Energy and Chemical Systems

ONAMI researchers are developing and fabricating unique bulk fluidic microsystems that accelerate, miniaturize and distribute energy, chemical and biomedical processes. Applications include:

  • Compact, highest-performance heat exchangers
  • Novel miniaturized HVAC cycles
  • Medical devices, e.g. dialysis filters
  • Fuel processing, e.g. hydrogen reforming
  • Fuel atomization for small engines using greener fuels
  • Continuous production and direct deposition of nanomaterials
  • Water sterilization

This work is based on the principle that mass and heat transfer are best accomplished in microchannels which, when fabricated (typically via micro-lamination) into massively parallel structures enable “bulk” throughputs without pressure drop penalties. Revolutionary results—in terms of component size, weight and energy efficiency—can be applied to military energy, medical devices and other specialty chemical products. Microproducts Breakthrough Institute

A dedicated facility, the Microproducts Breakthrough Institute  supports project activity for R&D by both institutional researchers and numerous companies. A good overview of several applications and fabrication capabilities may be found at : mbi-online.org/our-research.

Professors Goran Jovanovic, Brian Paul, Richard Peterson and Kendra Sharp of Oregon State University and Dr. Ward TeGrotenhuis of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, jointly lead this team.


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