Gap Program Structure

Background and Overview

ONAMI has invested significant staff and Board of Directors effort to arrive at a strategy intended to maximize the success rate of commercializing technology to create high-wage jobs in Oregon. There are two main elements:

  • Gap Grants   : 

    "Proof of Concept" grants will be made to research institution PIs and/or facilities to take research results to the next level, e.g. a more product-like prototype and/or demonstration of cost-effective fabrication methods. Ideally, this will be in collaboration with an already-formed and already-licensed (or optioned) for-profit company, and in some cases may be to fund ONAMI facility work in support of an Oregon company bringing its own IP.
  • Follow-on Funding Sources   : 

    ONAMI’s commercialization program coordinates activities with other funding sources, including venture capital organizations, various government agencies, and the newly established Oregon University Venture Fund, to support funding of gap fund projects following project completion.

The ONAMI Gap Fund and follow-on funding sources are formally independent, but mutually informed to the extent that confidentiality and conflict of interest avoidance will permit.  ONAMI works to coordinate these elements through inclusion of interested venture capital organizations in the Commercialization Advisory Council, this web site, and other marketing related activities.

ONAMI’s Commercialization Advisory Councill

ONAMI has secured the help of a distinguished Commercialization Advisory Council (CAC) of external advisors to assist with proposal evaluation and funding recommendations. The CAC is composed of the following individuals:

  • Maurice Gunderson, CMEA Ventures
  • Keith Gillard, Pangaea Ventures
  • Bill Neuman and Gordon Hoffman, NW Technology Ventures
  • Brock Metcalf, Reference Capital Management
  • John Hull, University of Oregon Lundquist College of Business
  • Brandon Barnett, Intel Corporation
  • Cheryl Cejka, Pacific Northwest National Labs
  • Zach Jonasson and John Chen, Phoenix Venture Partners
  • Brad Zenger, Pivotal Ventures
  • Adrian Roberts, ONAMI Chairman
  • Skip Rung, ONAMI Executive Director
  • Jay Lindquist, ONAMI Commercialization Manager
  • John Brewer, ONAMI Entrepreneur In Residence
  • Augie Sick, ONAMI Entrepreneur In Residence
  • Michael Tippie, ONAMI Entrepreneur In Residence
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