Puralytics / Oregon Health Sciences University


Project Title:
Optimization of Photocatalytic Water Purification System

Principal Investigator:
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), Oregon Health Sciences University

Company Contact:
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), Puralytics Corp.

Puralytics and Oregon Health Sciences University are working to advance a unique water treatment capability which uses ultra-violet light and fibers coated with nanomaterials to remove contaminants from water.  Puralytics’ unique approach to water purification has the potential for removal of pathogens and organic chemicals with energy efficiency much improved in comparison with other methods.

Working with Oregon Health Sciences University, the team is working to effectively double the conaminant removal capability of their technology through optimized flow parameters of their photoreactor and development of nanoparticle catalyst materials.

Puralytics has also been awarded an NSF SBIR Phase I grant to remove MTBE from drinking water and received national recognition by numerous industry organizations:

  • National Grandprize in the Cleantech Open, Best Cleantech Business 2010
  • The Artemis Project, named a Top 50 Water Technology Company in 2011
  • Zino Green Fund, Best Cleantech Investment, 2011
  • ImagineH2O finalist twice for water and energy efficiency
  • TechCrunch Award finalist in the Cleantech category
  • Global Water Intelligence, Water Investment Idol 2010
  • Cleantech Open National Investor Conference “Most Fundable” 2011
  • 2011 Global Cleantech 100

Company Website: puralytics.com

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