Len Blackstone

ONAMI High-Tech Extension Director

CEO, Blackstone, Inc.
Management & Marketing Consulting

Len Blackstone

Len Blackstone assists Oregon’s signature research universities to connect with industry and to help businesses develop and introduce new products, acquire new customers, increase sales, and expand into new markets.

Len has helped companies grow for over 30 years – working with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurial startups; for-profits and non-profits. He is a master marketer whose work has gained national media attention such as on 60 Minutes, been a college instructor, and is a recurring guest lecturer at major universities.

Len is an expert at exploring and assessing new market opportunities, identifying effective marketing strategies, and developing go-to-market tactics. Prior to starting his consulting firm in 2001, Len worked in the advertising agency and sales promotion business, leading numerous national and international marketing campaigns.

Len has expertise in several industries, including technology, life sciences, biotech, healthcare, medical devices, and many different types of consumer package goods.

Len can be reached by phone at 541-942-3870 or by email at len.blackstone@onami.us.

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