ONAMI Gap Company CSD Nano Wins $500K STTR Phase II Award

August 27 2012

ONAMI gap fund portfolio company CSD Nano of Corvallis, OR has received a $500K STTR Phase II Award to optimize and demonstrate the scale-up of nanostructured anti-reflective coatings (ARCs) to meet the specifications of solar energy customers using high-performance processes along with a novel solution-phase synthesis and deposition microreactor.

Results from CSD Nano’s SBIR Phase I and industrial partner input demonstrate that the nanostructured ARC has an optical performance that far exceeds existing industry solutions, with a low reflectance across a broad wavelength spectrum. The intellectual merits are not limited to a single discovery, but a series of breakthroughs will will allow this low-cost, industry-compatible ARC solution to satisfy the solar industry’s need for increasing efficiency. This is accomplished by leveraging the nanostructure’s properties of incremental change in the refractive index as light waves pass through the coating structure (i.e. gradient surfaces) and an environmentally benign, low-cost microreactor technology that can be integrated with existing industry processes.

NSF’s full award announcement can be viewed here.

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