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04.16.14 - Portland biotech company awarded $3M to develop malaria drug
04.10.14 - Scientists produce solar panels from solar energy and say it will reduce costs
04.08.14 - Process turns cellulose into energy storage devices
02.20.14 - Samsung, Intel Capital and Applied Materials Fund Inpria to Develop Advanced Semiconductor Materials
02.20.14 - Corvallis semiconductor materials startup Inpria raises $7.3 million from Samsung, Intel
02.20.14 - Why Intel, Applied Materials are banking on a Corvallis startup
11.06.13 - UO-OSU collaboration leads to breakthrough in understanding aluminum
10.30.13 - Scientists came together to solve an important problem
10.16.13 - MIM diodes pave way for higher-speed circuits
10.15.13 - With patent in hand, $4M fundraise, Puralytics is cleaning up
10.2.13 - Nurturing startup success
9.19.13 - Wyden Congratulates Oregon State University on Energy Department Award
9.9.13 - How tiny fish could reveal effects of chemical exposure
9.5.13 - MIM diodes get nearer to real world applications
6.20.13 - Amorphyx' Winning display
4.25.13 - SNNI's Proactive Approach to Healthier and Safer Nanomaterials
4.15.13 - Corvallis firms seek ‘angel’ stakes
4.10.13 - New solar process gets more out of natural gas
1.25.13 - PNNL and OSU get $2.8M from Department of Defense
1.24.13 - PNNL awarded $2.8M to keep troops cool while using less fuel
1.24.13 - PNNL, Oregon State get $2.8M from Department of Defense
1.13.13 - Corvallis health company seeks nearly $3 million
11.27.12 - Water purification startup Puralytics aims to widen sales reach in 2013
09.26.12 - OSU scientists discover new blue pigment
09.20.12 - Cold storage: Electricity when you need it
09.20.12 - Transparent Memristors Offer Technology Of The Future
09.04.12 - Oregon State Uses Microwave to Produce Nanoparticles for Solar Cells
08.27.12 - Microwave ovens may help produce lower cost solar energy technology
06.19.12 - Entrepreneurs leverage OSU research in startup companies
06.01.12 - OSU-discovered compound could keep buildings cool
05.14.12 - 'Silicon Forest' Offers Clues
05.11.12 - Cancer drug firm wins investment with way to make chemo drugs less toxic
05.09.12 - New Corvallis Microtechnology Firm Takes Aim at $2 Billion Market (Nanotechnology Now)
05.08.12 - New Corvallis Microtechnology Firm Launches Line of Industrial Micromixers (Nanowerk News)
05.08.12 - New Corvallis Microtechnology Firm Takes Aim at $2 Billion Market
05.08.12 - New Corvallis Microtechnology Firm Launches Line of Industrial Micromixers
05.02.12 - Pacific Light Lands $3M for LED Technology
05.02.12 - Pacific Light Nabs $3M
05.02.12 - Kitzhaber Signs Order in Support of Green Chemistry
03.26.12 - Green Chemistry Center Grows Up and Reaches Out
03.15.12 - Nanotube Sensors to Reduce Test Time from Days to Minutes
03.09.12 - Nanotube Technology Leading to New Era of Fast, Lower-cost Medical Diagnostics
03.08.12 - New Measuring Techniques Can Improve Efficiency, Safety of Nanoparticles
03.07.12 - Metamaterial Discovery Opens Avenue to New Products and Industries Using Negative Refraction
02.23.12 - ONAMI Signature Researcher Mas Subramanian Awarded 2012 Chemical Research Society of India Medal
09.08.11 - KEZI TV: UO and OSU Scientists Developing Smaller, Greener Gadgets
09.08.11 - Oregon green chemistry center wins $20M grant
07.20.11 - Magnetic Nanobeads Detect Chemical and Biological Agents
07.18.11 - Inkjet Printing Solar Panels: Cheap and Almost Green
06.13.11 - Microproducts Breakthrough Institute Researchers Make Big Advance in the Re-use of Waste Heat
05.25.11 - Kitzhaber Tours ONAMI in Corvallis, Says Tech Start-Ups Key to Recovery
05.05.11 - New nanobead approach could revolutionize sensor technology
11.08.10 - Revolutionary diode design cracks 50 year-old electronics speed barrier
11.01.10 - New Breakthroughs in Diode Technology Can Take Electronics Far Beyond Silicon
11.01.10 - Microreactor speeds nanotech particle production by 500 times
10.01.10 - Award validates Oregon's plan
09.24.10 - Corvallis' ONAMI and Oregon BEST help earn $1 million award
09.23.10 - Oregon research centers land $1M
09.23.10 - Oregon wins $1 million in federal competition
09.08.10 - Oregon universities harvest $850 million in grants, create companies
08.30.10 - Editorial: Some good economic news for a change
08.28.10 - Microproducts take shape at Corvallis hub
08.25.10 - Microproducts to hold open house
08.04.10 - OSU Spinoffs Land VC Windfall
07.15.10 - Home Dialysis Leads 1H10 Oregon Venture Investment list
07.14.10 - ONAMI Gap Fund Company Puralytics Announces Water Purification Technology
06.19.10 - Two Companies, Two Rays of Light (re: Home Dialysis Plus)
06.15.10 - Home Dialysis Plus Lands $50M Investment

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