Center for Advanced Materials Characterization


CAMCOR is a full-service, comprehensive materials characterization center at the University of Oregon open to outside clients.  CAMCOR houses capital-intensive equipment for microanalysis, surface analysis, electron microscopy, semiconductor device fabrication, as well as traditional chemical characterization. The staff members who run the facilities are expertly trained and highly experienced in sample preparation, data collection and data analysis. Visit CAMCOR’s website

CAMCOR Overview

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For information about starting a project at CAMCOR or for a facility tour, contact:
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), Lab Manager

Faces of CAMCOR

Polymer Characterization
Polymer characterization and research is a growing discipline at the University of Oregon. The Polymer Characterization Laboratory is equipped to characterize materials with regard to their thermal properties and, for polymeric materials, their molecular weight (distribution) and size (in solution).

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), Polymer Characterization Lead

AFM Image of well dispersed PbS nanoparticles

Above: Atomic Force Microscopy 3D image of the surface of a nanocomposite showing well dispersed PbS nanoparticles.


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