Economic Impact

Results and Economic Impact

ONAMI has been widely cited as national model for state innovation-based economic development investments. Since Oregon is neither a large nor wealthy state (notwithstanding its world-class tech industry community), the resources available to ONAMI have been comparatively modest: $20M in capital construction funds (2005, and more than matched by industry and philanthropic contributions—special thanks to Hewlett-Packard Company, Lorry I. Lokey and FEI Company) and $27M in operating funds (including $5M appropriated for FY12-13). These have been invested in research capacity, shared user facilities and assistance to early stage technology companies with specific economic development outcomes (revenue to state-based entities, high-wage job creation/retention, attractiveness to industry and funds considering Oregon investments).

Selected examples of outcomes to date:

  1. Federal and private research dollars leveraged = $273 Million
    Annual nanoscience and microtechnology research awards to ONAMI members from Federal and private sources have risen from $9M in FY2004 before ONAMI was incorporated, to a high of $42M (net of intra-Oregon subcontracts) in FY2010. The total net research awards from FY2005 through FY2012 exceed $238M.  In addition, industry and private entities have made significant donations of equipment, facilities and services, exceeding $35M.
  2. Number of business start-ups = 31; Funding = $108 Million
    The ONAMI Gap Grants program matches technology from the Universities with entrepreneurial expertise from the business community. To date, Gap Grants have been made to 31 University - Startup projects. These entrepreneurial projects have garnered over $108M in venture and capital funding ($9M federal and $99M private). This compares to a total ONAMI expenditure of $6.4M over the same period (FY2006 – FY2012).
  3. Number of people employed (not including research growth impact) = 115
    At the close of FY2012, there were 115 full-time-equivalent jobs reported by the Gap Grant companies. This figure continues to grow, especially due to the success of several gap companies that have received A-round funding or are positioned to do so in the near future.
  4. Total leveraged revenue and investment to-date = $381 Million
    Federal and Private Research Awards to ONAMI members
    (including $55M in Federal earmarks/Presidential budget items)
    External capital and SBIR grants to Gap Grant companies $108M
    Major Corporate Gifts (equipment, facilities, and services) >$35M
  5. Patents = 43
    Since 2005, ONAMI Member Researchers have filed 294 Invention Disclosures and received 43 Patents in nanoscience or microtechnology. Licenses and licensing revenue are also climbing.


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