PDX Pharmaceuticals / Oregon Health Sciences University


Project Title:
Functionalized Nanomaterial for Novel Oral Phosphate Binder to Treat Hyperphosphatemia

Principal Investigator:
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Oregon Health Sciences University

Company Contact:
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Battelle Ventures

Hyperphosphatemia leads to life-threatening hypocalcemia, reduced vitamin D production, and interference with parathyroid hormone. Prolonged hyperphosphatemia also leads to calcification of the vascular system and muscles. Thus, CKD patients must control their serum phosphorus levels by limiting the intake of dietary phosphorus along with taking oral phosphate binders to limit the body absorption of phosphorus from food.

The PDX Pharmaceuticals team, led technically by Dr. Wassana Yantasee of the Oregon Health Sciences University and joined by Ms. Tracy Warren of Battelle Ventures, LP, are working to develop a new oral phosphate binder to treat hyperphosphatemia based on iron functionalized nanomaterials (FNM). Hyperphosphatemia is a nearly universal complication in patients of chronic kidney diseases (CKD) with a market size of approximately 1B USD per year.


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