ONAMI | Wei Kong


Wei Kong

Professor, Oregon State University


Microtechnology-Based Energy and Chemical Systems, Nanoscale Metrology and Nanoelectronics, Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing

Research Interests

Our primary focus is electronic spectroscopy of gas phase biologically related materials and nanomaterials. We perform two types of measurements, including polarization spectroscopy of oriented species and threshold ionization spectroscopy. The information we obtain includes the direction of the transition dipole therefore the movement of electrons upon UV irradiation, and the mechanism of electron transfer. For biologically related materials such as DNA bases and amino acids, this information is directly related to UV induced damages. From electronic and vibrational spectroscopy of nanomaterials, such as GaN quantum dots, we study the fundamental relationship between the electronic and geometric structures, their effect on the properties of the material, and the influence of size on these properties.

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