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Todd Mockler

Assistant Professor, Dept of Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University


Microtechnology-Based Energy and Chemical Systems

Research Interests

Todd Mockler is a member of the Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing and Computational and Genome Biology Initiative at Oregon State University. His research is focused on genomics and bioinformatics. Research projects in the Mockler laboratory include: microfluidics and nanofluidics based DNA synthesis systems; regulatory DNA architecture and genomic control of gene expression; regulation of RNA processing; development of bioinformatics approaches for analysis of ultra-high-throughput DNA sequencing data.

Representative Publications

    Fox S, Filichkin, S, Mockler TC. (2008) Applications of Ultra High Throughput Sequencing in Plants. In Plant Systems Biology. (ed D. Belostotsky), Humana Press.
    Michael TP, Mockler TC, Breton G, McEntee C, Byer A, Trout JD, Hazen SP, Shen R, Priest HD, Sullivan CM, Givan SA, Yanovsky M, Hong F, Kay SA, Chory J. (2008) Network Discovery Pipeline Elucidates Conserved Time-of-Day-Specific cis-Regulatory Modules. PLoS Genet. Feb 1;4(2):e14.
    Mockler TC, Michael TP, Priest, HD, Shen R, Sullivan CM, Givan SA, McEntee C, Kay SA and Chory, J. (2007) THE DIURNAL PROJECT: Diurnal and Circadian Expression Profiling, Model-Based Pattern Matching and Promoter Analysis. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Symposium 72 - Clocks and Rhythms (Volume LXXII).
    Koussevitzky S, Nott A, Mockler TC, Hong F, Sachetto-Martins G, Surpin M, Lim J, Mittler R, Chory J. (2007) Signals from Chloroplasts Converge to Regulate Nuclear Gene Expression. Science 4 May. Vol. 316. no. 5825, pp. 715 – 719.
    Mockler TC, Chan S, Sundaresan A, Chen H, Jacobsen SE and Ecker JR. (2005) Applications of DNA tiling arrays for whole-genome analysis. Genomics Jan;85(1):1-15.


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