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Robert Bass

Assistant Professor and Program Director, Oregon Institute of Technology


Microtechnology-Based Energy and Chemical Systems


Dr. Robert Bass is an Assistant Professor and the Program Director of the Renewable Energy Systems Program at the Oregon Institute of Technology in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Bass joined the full-time faculty in September of 2005.

Dr. Bass earned his Doctorate in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia in 2004 under the direction of Dr. Arthur Lichtenberger. His dissertation research centered on submillimeter-wave circuit design, cryogenics and unique sub-micron fabrication technologies for superconducting terahertz heterodyne receivers. After receiving his Masters in Electrical Engineering in 2000, he joined an internet start-up firm in San Francisco as the lead software and database engineer. He then worked at the Biomechanical Impact Lab with the University of Virginia’s Mechanical Engineering Department designing and building test equipment for cadaver-based impact research.  Since receiving his doctorate, Dr. Bass has worked as a consultant, designing terahertz heterodyne receivers for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.

Dr. Bass teaches courses in renewable energy and electrical engineering at OIT’s East Campus in Portland. He specializes in teaching courses in Fuel Cells, Power Electronics, Photovoltaics, Communication Systems, Semiconductor Devices, Microwave Circuits and Analog IC Design. 

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