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Oksana Ostroverkhova

Assistant Professor of Physics, Oregon State University


Nanoscale Metrology and Nanoelectronics, Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing


Oksana Ostroverkhova was born in 1973 in Kiev, Ukraine. After receiving Diploma with Honors in Physics and Optical Engineering from Kiev Shevchenko University (Kiev, Ukraine) in 1996, she pursued graduate study in physics, specializing in the photoconductive and nonlinear optical properties of polymers and liquid crystals, at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, USA) in the group of Prof. K. D. Singer and obtained PhD in Physics in 2001.

Her postdoctoral work at the Department of Chemistry at Stanford University (Stanford, USA) in the group of Prof. W.E. Moerner involved physics and applications of photorefractive organic materials and photophysics of organic molecules for single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy. In 2003-2004, Dr. Ostroverkhova was a Killam Memorial Fellow in the group of Prof. F.A. Hegmann at the Department of Physics at the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada) exploring ultrafast THz spectroscopy of organic semiconductors.

Since 2005, Oksana has been a faculty member at the Department of Physics at Oregon State University. Oksana’s research group utilizes ultrafast spectroscopy and microscopy to study optical, electronic, and non-linear properties of polymers, organic semiconductors, and metal nanoparticles at sub-picosecond time scales and sub-micron spatial scales using a variety of experimental techniques, including ultrafast time-resolved spectroscopy and single-molecule spectroscopy.

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