ONAMI | Mingdi Yan


Mingdi Yan

Professor of Chemistry, Portland State University


Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing

Research Interests

The central theme of our research is functional surfaces and interfaces. It lies at the interface of organic chemistry, materials chemistry, and nanotechnology. We develop new methods for the immobilization of synthetic polymers, small molecules, and biomolecules, and conduct fundamental studies to better understand the surface chemistry that governs the immobilization processes. We are also developing methodologies to create surfaces that can provide functions such as biocompatibility and molecular recognition for biomaterial and biomedical applications.

Surface chemistry is inherently multidisciplinary, therefore, our research involves a variety of activities including organic/polymer synthesis, materials characterization, microlithography, and surface analysis. We collaborate with colleagues in biology, physics, and engineering applying our surface techniques in a wide range of bioanalytical and nanomaterial applications.

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