ONAMI | Michael Lerner


Michael Lerner

Professor, Oregon State University


Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing

Research Interests

Our group studies the synthesis and novel properties of intercalation compounds and nanocomposites. Some important applications of these materials lie in batteries, fuel cells, and new structural materials. A major component of our work has been the study of graphite compounds, which involves modification of the layered form of carbon, which is a challenging chemical problem but an important technological material. We’ve developed new synthetic strategies and new graphite compounds, and are exploring their electrochemical properties in detail. Our work with nanocomposites involves the combination of polymers with layered inorganic hosts at a nanometer scale. This can lead to novel structures and properties when compared with more conventional micron-scaled composites materials. We have ongoing collaborations with industry to help understand chemical issues in new applying new materials and reactions to real products.

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