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Mas Subramanian

Milton Harris Professor of Materials Science, ONAMI Signature Faculty Fellow, Department of Chemistry, Oregon State University


Nanolaminates and Transparent Electronics, Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing


Mas Subramanian, an internationally recognized expert on inorganic solid state materials, is the first Signature Faculty Fellow in the Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnology Institute.

Before joining OSU, Subramanian was a fellow in Dupont Central Research and Development, and published more than 225 papers in professional journals, which in turn received over 8,000 citations. His work yielded 51 patents that are in place or pending.

An expert in such fields as high temperature superconductivity, thermoelectrics, magnetoresistive materials, and solid state fast ion conductors, Subramanian is continuing his work in the discovery and development of new materials.

Research Interests

Materials Chemistry:

    Designing new inorganic solid state functional materials for emerging applications in electronics, solid-state energy conversion and other areas
    Building nanoparticulates and self-assembled nanostructures from solutions
    Solvothermal/hydrothermal methods and other ‘bottom-up’ synthetic routes

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