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James (Jim) E. Morris

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Portland State University


Nanoscale Metrology and Nanoelectronics


BSc, MSc (Phys) University of Auckland; PhD (Elec Eng) University of Saskatchewan
Past ECE Chair at PSU & SUNY-Binghamton; Professor Emeritus at SUNY-Brookhaven;
Founding Director, SUNY-B Institute for Research in Electronics Packaging
IEEE Fellow; CPMT David Feldman Outstanding Contribution Award winner (2005)
IEEE Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Society (CPMT): Treasurer (1991-97), Conferences VP (1998-2003), Distinguished Lecturer, Assoc-Editor IEEE Transactions on Component & Packaging Technologies
Founding chair IEEE Oregon Education Society Chapter (2005-  )
Conference Chair: Adhesives in Electronics (1998), Advanced Packaging Materials (2001), Polytronic (2004); continues on 8-10 conference program/advisory committees, (e.g. ECTC 2006 Emerging Technologies (Nanotechnology) program committee chair)

Edited three books on electronics packaging; fourth on nanopackaging under contract

Nanoelectronics research activities based on past experiences in discontinuous metal thin films (DMTFs) and electronics packaging, and their application to nanoelectronics, (especially single-electron transistors (SETs) at present.)  Early DMTF research [1] has direct application to finite temperature SET conduction and reliability, while more recent theoretical developments [2] have implications for multi-island SET properties. Reliability issues lead directly on to packaging requirements. Current projects include continued conduction modeling of DMTF (and SET) systems, sensor applications, DMTF optical properties, etc., with a focus on the AFM fabrication of reproducible, regular metal nanodot systems, with long-term reliability, on insulating substrates. These systems are comprised of 1 to 10 nm diameter dots with 2 to 5 nm separations.

Selected Publications

    J. E. Morris & T. J. Coutts, “Electrical conduction inn discontinuous metal films; a discussion,” Thin Solid Films 47, p. 3 65 (1977), [invited review].
    J. E. Morris, “Recent progress in discontinuous thin metal film devices,” Vacuum 50(1-2) May/June 1998, pp. 107-113.

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