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James A. Liburdy

James A. Welty Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Oregon State University


Microtechnology-Based Energy and Chemical Systems

Research Interests

Jim Liburdy is currently the J.R. Welty Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Oregton State University. His research activities emphasize the development and application of experimental techniques to fundamental flow and heat transfer processes.  Much of the methods involve the use laser diagnostics, and optical methods. Since coming to Oregon State University he has established the Laser Flow Diagnostics Laboratory within the College of Engineering which concentrates on microscale flow phenomena (single and two phase flows and droplet formation). He also has initiated within the OSU Low Speed Wind Tunnel a 3D PIV system for the study of turbulence structure in unsteady flows. He recently expanded these facilities to include a Time-Resolved 3D PIV system for the study of unsteady, turbulent flows. In addition he is currently studying droplets formation, droplet aerodynamics and droplet impingement using epifluorescent micro-PIV, PLIF in-line holographic imaging, holographic phase imaging and thermochromic liquid crystals.  Jim and his students and colleagues have published over 150 peer reviewed papers. He is currently on the Executive Committee of the Fluids Engineering Division of ASME and is Associate Editor of the Journal of Fluids Engineering.

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