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David Peyton

Professor of Chemistry, Portland State University


Microtechnology-Based Energy and Chemical Systems, Nanoscale Metrology and Nanoelectronics, Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing

Research Interests

Dr. Peyton’s research ranges from characterization of structures to dynamics of nanoscale biological structures, including fibrous and globular proteins. Other work involves characterizing chemical states of molecules in aerosol particles, including tobacco smoke.

Another main thrust of his work is aimed at overcoming drug resistance in diseases, particularly malaria. Facets of this work are safe chemical manufacturing and drug delivery, including by nanoscale materials.

Selected Publications

    Burgess SJ, Selzer A, Kelly JX, Smilkstein MJ, Riscoe MK, Peyton DH: A Chloroquine-like Molecule Designed to Reverse Resistance in Plasmodium falciparum. J. Med. Chem. 2006, 49(18):5623-5625.
    Barsanti KC, Luo W, Isabelle LM, Pankow JF, Peyton DH: Tobacco smoke particulate matter chemistry by NMR. Magn. Reson. Chem. 2006, 45(2):167-170.
    Pankow JF, Barsanti KC, Peyton DH: Fraction of free-base nicotine in fresh smoke particulate matter from the Eclipse “cigarette” by 1H NMR spectroscopy. Chem. Res. Toxicol. 2003, 16(1):23-27.
    Mizuno K, Hayashi T, Peyton DH, Bachinger HP: Hydroxylation-induced stabilization of the collagen triple helix. Acetyl-(glycyl-4(R)-hydroxyprolyl-4(R)-hydroxyprolyl)(10)-NH(2) forms a highly stable triple helix. J. Biol. Chem. 2004, 279(36):38072-38078.

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