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Alex Yokochi

Assistant Professor, Oregon State University


Microtechnology-Based Energy and Chemical Systems, Nanoscale Metrology and Nanoelectronics, Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing

Research Interests

My main areas of specialization include the development of advanced energy solutions and the synthesis and characterization of matter at the atomic level. In the energy processing area my interests are centered on novel battery concepts, fuel cells, and methods for the efficient generation of hydrogen as a possible replacement fuel, the production and characterization of biofuels such as biodiesel, as well as the processing of conventional fossil fuels to achieve ultra-low sulfur fuels. On the preparation and characterization of new molecules and materials, I am primarily interested in the synthesis and characterization of inorganic complexes, especially of coordination polymers, and their characterization by X-ray and neutron scattering, both Bragg diffraction and non-Bragg scattering (a.k.a., total scattering).

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